Within our services we apply a basic charge as set out below.  All other matters, those not detailed below, are charged at the fee earner's hourly rate.   All charges are subject to VAT.


We will provide you with a full estimate of the likely costs to be incurred at the start of your matter and keep you updated as your case progresses together with regular invoices.  


As at 1st  May 2018 our hourly rate is Paralegal £140 + vat and Solicitor £240 + vat, and  £250 + vat per hr for representation at court These charges are reviewed bi-annually.


We are happy to provide advice and assistance to litigants in person who are self-represented in Court proceedings or negotiations, please contact us for further details regarding this.


Initial Fixed Fee interview: £75 including vat for initial 30 minutes consultation, or £200  including vat for one hour. If you need more time this is charged at the fee earner's hourly rate and will be confirmed to you at the meeting.


Undefended divorce, Petitioner: from £575 plus vat and Court fees, Court fees are currently £550.  


Undefended divorce, Respondent: from £85 plus VAT and Court fees, if applicable.


Separation Agreements: from £550 plus VAT.


Please note that whether your matter is a fixed fee or charged on an hourly rate you may also be required to meet disbursements for external services such as bailiff service, valuations, Court fees and Barristers.  All disbursements will be discussed with you before being charged.