Many parents are able to agree their own arrangements for the children after separation. Others require some professional advice and assistance; we are able to provide this assistance and advice.  Whether you are seeking to define the contact arrangements for the children, with which parent the children will live or other matters such as obtaining parental responsibility or leaving England we are able to help.



The principles laid down by Children Act 1989 relate to the arrangements for all children and are clearly defined in the Welfare Checklist.  Sometimes just hearing the approach the court takes when applying the principle that the welfare of children is of the utmost importance, enables parents to reconsider what is best for their children and to reach an agreement for those arrangements.



Matters involving children are diverse and often highly emotive such as a father seeking parental responsibility where he is not named on the birth certificate, grandparents wanting contact, or a parent wanting to prevent the co-parent from removing the children from this country.



Sue Petritz has more than twenty years’ experience assisting parents putting into practice future arrangements for their children. The constructive approach taken for such disputes means that whether the outcome is achieved by negotiation or through court proceedings the arrangements should remain in place to the benefit of the children concerned.  Sue is able to take the case from initial interview, through the court preparation, to conducting the final hearing: giving continuity of solicitor throughout.



‘Sue’s advice and professionalism supported me through a difficult divorce and arrangements for child contact. I found her easy to talk to and very understanding of my needs throughout the process.’

Mr M F Henfield



In addition to the practical arrangements for the children upon separation it is often necessary to consider the financial arrangements including whether any financial claims for maintenance, lump sums or housing can be made.  We are able to advise on the prospects of any such claims and assist with their resolution.



As an experienced collaborative lawyer the collaborative law process is always considered as the first option, allowing the parties to reach a solution without the often present acrimony of contested court proceedings.



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