The law governing financial arrangements for unmarried couples is very different to the law governing married couples.  The financial provision which can be obtained is also different for unmarried couples as to married couples and it is therefore important to obtain specialist advice as to your options upon the breakdown of your relationship.


We are able to advise and assist on your financial and property rights following the breakdown of your relationship and to prepare a Deed of Separation formally recording the terms of any financial agreement reached including any property division.


In addition to resolving the financial arrangements upon separation it is important to review matters such as the arrangements for any children and updating a Will.  We are able to assist with these matters on your behalf.


Should children be involved we are able to advise on the merits of an application for financial provision under Schedule I Children Act 1989.


If you are considering living with your partner or purchasing property together we are able to provide advice and assistance in setting up these arrangements for your future protection and can help draft a Cohabitation Agreement for you.



For further information please client on the link to the Resolution website to access their free resources.